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  • Drawings are made in paper size AO, A1, A2, A3 and A4.
  • Linear dimensions should be expressed in millimeters (mm) on drawings, According to the standard convention of drafting, the unit symbol can be omitted if the requirements are met: a)anoteindicatingtheunitused isdisplayedinaconspicuousplaceonthedrawingsheet. b) all linear dimensions including those for spot levels and land elevation contours are given in one dimensioning unit only. For easier reading, group the digits in triads on both sides of the decimal marker (e.g., 123 456 789). All dimensions shown in meters must be taken to three decimal places, even when all decimals are zeros (e'g., 1.235, 1.000).
  • Volume dimensions should be expressed in:

    a) Cubic meters (m3) for volumes of earthwork, excavations, concrete, uids in large quantities, etc.

    b) Liters (L) for volumes pertaining to containers of uids. Symbols of these units MUST ALWAYS BE SHOWN on the drawings.


    Preferred Scales Commonly Used for Different Types of Drawings Builders work drawings, Piping layout, Plan and sections and Installation details Scale will vary according to maps used as reference. 1: 10, 1:15,1:25, 1:50 & 1: 100

  • List of Drawings / Documents

    1. Builders work layout plan and sections.
    2. Fitting / Lighting location layout plan.
    3. Piping schematic diagram.
    4. Plant room equipment and piping layout.
    5. Piping layout till plant room.
    6. Installation details.
    7. Electrical Schematic diagram.
    8. Specification.
    9. Tender Bill of Quantity.


  • Check Scale
  • Check Revision column
  • Check Drawing Title
  • Check Key plan
  • Check standard notes
  • Check Client, Consultant and Developer details
  • Check Setting out layout with reference to grids
  • Cross check Sizes and depth wit Edge details
  • Check levels and corner details
  • Check coping stone installation details with detailed sections
  • Check channel details in coordination with architecture / Structural plan and sections
  • Check slope and depth as per local Municipality approval and special feature requirement
  • Cross check quantity of Item listed and as shown in drawing
  • Locations of Fittings and levels in sections
  • Sections with respect to fittings
  • Pipe sizes with respect to flow and velocity
  • Pipe elevation and levels
  • Puddle flanges and socket sizes
  • Valve Quantity / type and size
  • Water proofing termination details around fittings
  • Plant room sizes with locations and obstruction within plant room
  • Plant room Door size and height with location in coordination with Architectural drawings
  • Plant room ventilation details
  • Plant room duct and cutouts
  • Plant room height
  • Cross piping coordination and rerouting
  • Filtration set item sections with sizes to suit project and Municipality requirements
  • Chemical dosing set selection and sizing and installation details
  • Heating cooling set selection and sizing and installation details


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