Scope of Services

Our scope of services will provide synchronization between the design, civil & MEP works for the project. Mr. Kagalwala’s experience with the international architectural & contracting community enables us to be well conversant with the issues any project & keeps us updated with the latest techniques of coping with the same.


Fountain and pool design is inherently prototypical and requires thorough and unique coordination with most members of the design team. Our initial consultation work ensures that water display performance, architectural and safety concerns, structural factors, equipment space requirements, pipe routing, and utilities are fully addressed as they relate to the project's master plan.

Design Development

If required by the project, we produce a Design Development package to assist with coordination and pricing. In some cases our Design Development package contains information and detail that exceeds that found in other fountain and pool firm’s final drawing set. Design Development documents usually include:

Schematic piping diagram

Equipment layout plan.

Pool fitting location – Builders works plan

Site electrical lighting layout plan.

Single line electrical power diagram.

Performance specification for fountain control system.

Plumbing and Electrical specifications.

International Design Development

For our international projects, we have created an Expanded Design Development package that blends our design services with local engineering. We liaison between the design team, local engineers and contractors. We design water features and pools comprehensively and economically, while emphasizing the importance of long-term viability and natural resource conservation.

We produce piping schematics and electrical documents, details, and specifications that are utilized by the local engineering team to produce the final construction documents. Thereafter, we are readily available throughout the construction documentation review process to insure an orderly transition to the local team.

Construction Documents

Our construction document package is designed to mesh perfectly into the project document set, taking its place with those of the mechanical, electrical, structural, acoustical, and other drawings. However, fountain design is somewhat prototypical in that familiar mechanical and electrical components are incorporated and arranged in ways that may be unfamiliar to other trades. For this reason, our drawings are unusually comprehensive and detailed. This approach eliminates many clarifications and RFIs, and simplifies the contractor's pre-construction work. The straightforward and inclusive nature of the documents allows any competent contractor to provide an excellent installation even if they don't have specific fountain construction experience. Construction Documents usually include:

Schematic piping diagram

Equipment space layout plan and sections

Pool fitting location plan and coordinated piping plan

Installation and fabrication details for all subassemblies and pool fittings

Site electrical plan with lighting layouts (if required)

Single line electrical power diagram

Electrical equipment elevation

Equipment space power and control plan

Fountain control system wiring diagrams and details

Fountain Plumbing and Electrical specifications.


We can design, build and operate mock-ups where circumstances warrant. In some cases, the exact water characteristics may not be completely predicable in regard to the site's tolerance for splash, wind, sound, or lighting. A mock-up can help fine-tune design parameters or sometimes lead to more exciting alternatives. And often a client may want a demonstration of an effect that can't be easily conveyed by other means.

Mock-ups can be performed on site, or another location depending on our client's needs.

Construction Administration

Our Construction Administration services include the review of fountain mechanical and electrical submittals, plus assistance with RFIs, clarifications and change orders. We provide on-site review of construction, assistance with adjustments, troubleshooting, and instruction of maintenance personnel. Site visits are always followed with a comprehensive report and punch list.


Fount is a complete swimming pool contractor and can take care of every single aspect of your pool and spa construction project or work as a sub-contractor if required. We liaise closely with our clients and architects from inception, costing, execution and the final handing over of the project. Our work is to deliver the architects vision and the clients expectation within the budget provided at a given location. Swimming pools, spas, underground swimming pools, interactive fountains are our expertise. We also undertake the projects which require PSS (Permanent Shuttering System) & High-velocity gunite which is produced by using a small nozzle and high air pressure to produce a high nozzle speed of 90 to 120 m/s (300 to 400ft/s ), resulting in a gunite of exceptional compaction.